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From: Juha [mailto:]
Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2013 12:21 PM
Subject: - Shipment to Helsinki

Hello Jim,

Thank You very much the delivery of my ordered products.

I would never ever believed that the package came so fast to the land of Santa Claus.
The products arrived 20 March by mail to my home!

Special thanks for customs declaration, …. that was great that You sent it as You did.

I just got Your offer about note books and YES I am interested.
If I order, do you think, that You could delivery the products as before?

Best Wishes from Helsinki, Finland
and from Captain Juha

International Orders Welcome!

The United States Postal Service has an inexpensive international shipping program to most major international cities.

Sent: May 22, 10:53 PM
To: Jim Jobin
Subject: Australian Order Received

Hi Jim,

I just received my order of a Fisher Millennium Pen today, Monday 23 May after placing an order on 17 May, and I must say that I am very, very impressed with your speedy delivery all the way from the USA. I have, in that past, waited weeks for delivery from the US, and I have to admit being totally surprised when the pen turned up so quickly!

Needless to say, I am delighted with the pen, these things sell themselves, they have a great reputation. The challenge now will be to ensure I don't lose it!

Thank you again for your prompt service, I would certainly
recommend your online store to anyone.

I have bookmarked your website, and you can be assured of a repeat order when I need another pen.

Peter Munro
Perth, Western Australia.

Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 1:09 PM
Subject: RE: order - arrived today!!

Hi Jim
The two pens arrived in Switzerland as early as today! It's incredible how fast your service and the postal service worked and it's true: the world is like a village nowadays. Thanks. And the pens just look great. I will have a lot of fun with them.


Sent: Saturday, February 19, 3:43 AM

Dear Mr. Jobin,

I just received my space pens which I ordered just a week ago. The pens are great and I want to thank you for this extremely fast overseas shipment (I live in the Netherlands!)

Rob Lente

Sent: Thursday, August 07, 7:42 PM

Hi Jim
Thank you for the follow up email and follow up telephone call. One of your staff left a voice mail message confirming the shipment of this order.

With the follow up telephone call from LV to South Australia, I must say your quality of service has actually increased! Thank you for ensuring that I'm kept in the loop -- I'd just wish that other online vendors would adopt your high level of customer servicing (you're too advanced and it would be too hard for other businesses).

You'll definitely continue to get my business in the future!

Have a nice weekend.

best regards

Subject: 4U and feed back
Date sent: Sat, 17 Nov 17:33:43 +0800

Dear Jim,
I have to write and tell you that shopping with you is quite the most pleasant experience one can have.

You web site is fast, easy to navigate, with all the right information right to hand. Having had only good experiences buying from "The Writer's Edge", all I can say is that out of ten I find it difficult to give you and your staff no more than 25/10 AAA, go to the top of the class.

Peter Harrison-Sleap - Australia

Wed, 20 Dec 12:37:11 -0000
"Hi I just wanted to add my thanks to the many you must have already received. I must admit I had tried to order a space pen from another online site but after two days of trying moved on to your site. What a good move that proved to be - excellent service. Pens were here within a week I think. My partner has had a space pen in his back pocket for many years and relies on it all the time. It is very old and battered and the lid had become a little loose. I have now got him a snazzy blue one to replace it and I also bought a friend (who has been eyeing up Steve's) one as well. And I didn't even need time off work to do my Christmas shopping. I did it at work in the name of research."
Jean Pearson
Staff Help Desk ISS, Lancaster University - United Kingdom

Mon, 18 Dec 20:15:25 +1100
"Hi Jim, Guess what? Yeah, it arrived today! Many thanks for your service. It's good to come across an outfit that lives up to the hype, and I'll make sure others hear of my experience.
$-) Have a great Christmas, and a very prosperious New Year."
Gary Bale, Australia

Sat, 9 Dec 09:08:52 EST
"Hi Jim, The pens arrived safely to me in London. Thanks to your Customs Slip, NO customs; NO tax or any extra money was required by me when your package arrived. Thanks once again for your supreme service and great items. All the best for Christmas and a healthy, happy and peaceful 2001."
London, England - United Kingdom

International Customer Feedback

From: Annie Williams - United Kingdom
To: Jim Jobin
Subject: Thank You!
Date Sent: Fri, 17 Nov 21:31:30 +0000

... sounds good to me! I'd really love for you to post on your customer feedback that your customers can order with TOTAL confidence from you folks especially for expensive orders; your customer service has been outstanding. This delay had absolutely nothing to do with you or your service, but I had that GREAT feeling of security that you folks were owning this problem until we got a resolution. That is a fantastic feeling to have when you are ordering on-line reliant on mail delivery.

I'm going writing some letters now :> (already been on to the site looking at the Millenium/Mars bullet pens - they look really good! What quality would you rate the new ink - does it blot or anything? They are very tempting - as an IT Project Manager note-taking like crazy in meetings all the time (and always running out of refills!) they look a really good option. Let me know your opinion ...)

Thanks again, Jim

Take care
International Customer Feedback

From: Dean Adams - Perth Western Australia
To: Jim Jobin
Subject: Pens etc
Date Sent: Fri, 6 Oct 10:50:33 +0800

G'day Jim

Just a quick note to say thanks for the great service from your team. I purchased a space pen in Japan a few years ago and I found your company when searching the web for a refill. I placed my order on the 21st Sept and received the goods (I convinced myself I needed a mini space pen as well as the refills) in Perth Western Australia on the 5th October. Well done. As soon as the Aussie $ picks itself up I'll be back and buy some more stuff.

Thanks again Dean Adams
International Customer Feedback

From: John Dodds - London, England
To: Jim Jobin
Subject: RE: Thanks for the delivery
Date sent: Sat, 24 Jun 19:41:10

Dear Jim--

Just a quick note to thank you for dealing so efficiently with the order I placed a couple of weeks ago.

A week from order to delivery across 5,000 miles is very impressive.

I'll be placing another order this evening.

Well done and thanks.

John Dodds
London, England
International Customer Feedback

From: Michael Schmidt - Germany
To: Jim Jobin
Subject: Thank You !
Date sent: Sat, 6 May 10:35:15

Thank you for your very fast delivery of "SPACE PEN" and refills. I ordered on april, 24th and received the parcel on may,4th !

The parcel from the US to GERMANY took only ten days !

Thank you !


Michael Schmidt
From: Ronaldo Cruz - NSW Australia
To: Jim Jobin
Subject: Re: Online Order
Date sent: Wed, 23 Feb 23:15:49 PST

Hi Jim

"good on ya mate" from down under. Thank you for the follow-up e- mail... this is the main reason I bought online from your business (again), as opposed to buying from (anyone else). I distinctly remember your responsive and personal customer service 2 x years ago, and it hasn't changed! It is assuring that the actual owner is so "hands-on" with the daily operations.

I look forward to receiving the shipment in the timeframe specified. Thanks for expediting the engraving.

Best regards

Ashfield, NSW Australia
From: Derek Wiggins-London
To: Jim Jobin
Subject: Thanks !
Date sent: Tue, 7 Dec 06:28:23 -0500

Hi there,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the excellent service that I have received from The Writer's Edge. I placed an order on Saturday 27th November and received it in London the following Saturday. I wish companies in the UK could match that delivery time !

Have a great Christmas & a prosperous New Year !


Derek Wiggins
From: Dominic O'Toole - Ireland
To: Jim Jobin
Date sent: Mon, 29 Nov 08:30:21

Hi Jim,

I forgot to thank you for your speedy service, I think it took about 5-6 days between ordering and delivery to Ireland. Keep up the good work.


All the best,

From: Omar Omarjee - Mauritius
To: Jim Jobin
Subject: Thanks
Date sent: Wed, 6 Oct 15:22:04 +0400


I have read with great interests all the comments about the quality of your pen, or should I say qualities.

When I came across the advert, I just said why not, cause I love pens. So I ordered 5. But I never thought they will reach me. I leave in Mauritius. True Jim you will hardly see it on the world map.

So I said to myself losing $100+ not a big deal.

But at least I tried.

Guess what Jim??

They reached me, all five.

So no doubt about the qualities of your pens.

I would just like to salute the service level of your sales team.

Fantastic team you've got Jim

Kind Regards