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Privacy Policy


How To Reach Us


Email: If you need to know the status of your order or have any questions pertaining to an order please send an e-mail to The Writer's Edge. Please provide your order number in the subject of your email. is committed to protecting your privacy because we base our business on the trust you place in us. The information we collect is gathered to ensure secure ordering and to provide a more personalized shopping experience. We will not sell, rent or disclose your personally identifying information to anybody or any company except as required to process your order.

How much information must I share? The amount of information we collect depends on you. We only collect the information needed for secure ordering and customizing your shopping experience.

What about e-mail? If you become a customer, you may receive one promotional mailing that normally contains very lucrative specials along with a new product offering. If you would prefer not to receive these specials, just click on the remove link and you'll be automatically removed in seconds. When you purchase online from, we may contact you by E-mail to confirm your order or to update you on its status.

How do you protect my information? stays on the leading edge of today's technology regarding protection of your personal information. We employ powerful 128-bit encryption technology and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) in all areas where your personal identity is required. All transaction information is processed under encrypted channels. To be sure you have the most protection available, be sure to download the latest version of today's most popular browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator. In addition, access to your personal information is restricted within our company to provide maximum security. We do not retain credit card numbers inside our company or on any of our computer systems. All orders are transacted through the secure servers at Authorize Net which are literally Department of Defense grade secure servers and about as impenetrable as humanly possible.

What about cookies? We use what is called a "session variable" which is also known as a "cookie" so that the contents of your shopping cart will be retained as you move through the checkout process. Once your order is completed everything associated with the checkout is removed. We are an honest small business that is not interested in the least with violating your privacy. We understand first-hand how some companies are tracking the browsing habits of others and this behavior borders on criminal

How can I give you feedback? Send us feedback via e-mail. Feedback given in this manner becomes the property of and may be used for promotional purposes.

How can I contact you? Click here to contact us: The Writer's Edge